While traditionally served as part of a breakfast, the Clonakilty range can also be a special addition to enhance any starter, salad or main course. Here are a few of our favorite Clonakilty recipes.

Clonakilty Blackpudding and shallot tatin

A twist of the ordinary tatin. Why not try mini individual tarts also.  
Method In a frying pan with a heat proof handle, sprinkle in the sugar and the teaspoon of butter. Place onto a hob for 2/3mins on a high heat until…

Clonakilty Blackpudding stackers

Clonakilty Blackpudding stackers recipe Ingredients -       Four 1cm slices of griddled Clonakilty Blackpudding -       Two 1cm slice of griddled cored red apple -       Two 1cm slices of griddled aubergine   -       Two 1cm slices of griddled red pepper -       Two 1cm ring of griddled halloumi -       Dressed with micro herbs -       Serve…

Whitepudding migas

Whitepudding Migas A sharing brunch of Clonakilty White Pudding, Chorizo, Bacon & Bread, pan fried with soft baked eggs 100g Chorizo 100g Bacon 2-3 Tbsp Olive Oil 100g Clonakilty White Pudding 100g Stale Bread cut into small chunks 4 Cloves of Garlic 2 Tsp Picante…

Smoked bacon mussels with Clonakilty Black and Whitepudding crumb

Serves: 2 Ingredients: Mussels (ask your fish monger for 2 servings) 4 Slices of Clonakilty Smoked Bacon sliced 1/2 pint of Cider 1 large onion diced 140g of Clonakilty Blackpudding 140g of Clonakilty Whitepudding 250g Breadcrumbs Knob of butter Chopped Dill & Corriander to garnish…

Clonakilty Bacon & maple syrup butter

Butter is sometimes considered as a bit naughty, and this recipe is certainly that! A real special occasion condiment, this bacon and maple Syrup butter is amazing spread on fresh bread, added to baked potatoes or tossed through steamed veggies. Ingredients: 300g Real Butter (room…

Clonakilty Black and White pudding meatballs

Ingredients: 500g beef mince 4 slices Clonakilty Blackpudding 4 slices Clonakilty Whitepudding 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 2 red chillis 1 tin of tomato sauce 1 sprig thyme 1 handful of parsley 1 tin mixed beans Thyme  Salt  Pepper Method: Combine the mince, black…

Clonakilty Blackpudding, crab, apple puree and pancetta salad

Ingredients: Crab: 250g crab meat 20g coriander juice of two limes 4 table spoons of mayo. Apple puree: 2 chopped apples teaspoon of cinnamon 50g of butter 4 Slices (approx. 140g) of Clonakilty Blackpudding Good quality pancetta Method: Mix crab with  chopped coriander, lime juice,…

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