Smoked bacon mussels with Clonakilty Black and Whitepudding crumb

Serves: 2



For Breadcrumbs: crumble black and white pudding into the breadcrumbs,

season with salt and pepper and add a small amount of melted butter to


Heat large pan with a little oil, add onions & Clonakilty smoked bacon.

Cook until bacon is golden brown. Then add mussels & pour over with

cider. Place a lid over pan & cook until mussels are fully open. Place

mussels in to a deep dish & top with the breadcrumb mix. Place under

grill until golden. Garnish with a sprinkle of chopped dill & coriander

to serve.



Mussels (ask your fish monger for 2 servings)

4 Slices of Clonakilty Smoked Bacon sliced

1/2 pint of Cider

1 large onion diced

140g of Clonakilty Blackpudding

140g of Clonakilty Whitepudding

250g Breadcrumbs

Knob of butter

Chopped Dill & Corriander to garnish


Thanks to Chef Andy Illsley ( ) for this recipe.

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